We have experience in local SEO but we’ve discovered that Google maps marketing is much better for many local businesses.

Google Maps Marketing vs. Local SEO


Local SEO Services

  • Traditional local SEO cost – Averages between $1,000 – $2,500 monthly.
  • Traditional local SEO time frame – 6-12 month.

Google Maps Marketing Services

  • Google Maps optimization services cost – Averages between $250 – $500 monthly.
  • Google Maps optimization services time frame – 3-9 month.

How Does Google Present Local Searches?

Local Searches that are made on Google are split into three parts:

A. The Pay Per Click Section

Pay Per Click Section

B. The Organic Section (SEO)

Local SEO - Organic Section Of a Google Search

C. The Google Maps Section

Google Maps Listings Section
For some industries such as the restaurant business if you type “Pizza” Google will display the Google Carousel above all other results which are generated from the maps section: Google Carousel Local Maps

 How do people search for your business on Google?

Do they type “keyword” “city” or do they just type “keyword”, in any case Google can determine your location. Just try typing “Pizza” or “Dentist” and see how the results appear. For many local businesses traditional Local SEO is just not worth it, Good On Maps is the best solution for majority of  local businesses. To determine if you are a good fit just do a search on www.google.com for the service you offer and the location your business is in, for example type “Car Wash Houston TX” or “Dentist Charlotte NC” etc….
Good On Maps will evaluate your business and provide you with a free keyword analysis to show you just how valuable our service can be.