Google Maps Marketing
5 Strategies That Work

1. Citation Accuracy

SEO Success IconGoogle crawls the internet for accurate data across all sites that mention your businesses name, address, and phone number (NAP). Ensuring that the data is accurate is VERY important. When citation data is inaccurate Google has a harder time verifying your business information.

Similar to the presidential elections, Google looks at any mention of a brand as a vote of trust. The more votes a site has the more likely it is to gain more organic traffic.

To find sites that mention your brand name, type your brand name into Google search and look for directories (citations) that mention your brand name (directories such as: Yelp, YellowPages, AOL, Bing Local, etc..). If any of the data is inaccurate, login and fix it or contact the website admin and ask them to change the information to match what you have on your Google My Business profile (Google Maps Listing).

Note: Google advises against duplicate listings. Therefore, if your brand is mentioned twice or more on any directory including Google My Business, login and delete the duplicates or contact the webmaster and ask them to remove all of the duplicate listings.

Expert Tip: You can find additional inaccurate citations by searching Google for any previous name, address or phone number your business may have had listed in the past.

If you would like some additional help with finding and cleaning up citations contact us for a free consultation.

2. Build More Citations

Learn How To Find New CitationsNow that our citations are all accurate, it’s time to start looking at the citations our competitors have that we don’t. Using the same methods as we mentioned above, type your competitors brand name, phone number or address into a Google search and identify & build directories your competitors are in and you’re not.

If you would like some additional help with building new citations we can help.

3. Build Local Landing Pages

SEO Tools IconGoogle ranks websites based on the information they have indexed for them. If a website has lots of local information on it, Google can understand it and serve it to a local audience.

Important, Google is not a fan of duplicate content, be sure to write unique original content.

Tips for local content: Add directions to your location coming from different directions and mention local places along the way. For example, take a right onto I75 and take exit 39 passing the Boca Raton, FL. Airport.

Another tip for local content: Make case studies using local references. For example: Meet John, a former student at FAU in Boca Raton, FL. John joined our team in 2016 and helped ‘BRAND NAME’ expand our business into surrounding areas such as Ft. Lauderdale and Miami.

Need help creating local content? Let us know.

4. Link Building

SEO Business IconLinks are and have always been the most important ranking factor for traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO),but for Google Maps Marketing it is, in my opinion, not. None the less, links are still VERY important and I’m going to provide you with a simple tactic to get them. Your neighbors, do they have a website? Your friends, do they have websites? Who do you know has a website that lives close to you.

Similar to the presidential election analogy I made above, links also count as votes. If you have a lot of links and accurate citation information in lots of directories, you’re on the right track.

Need help building local links? We’d love to help.

Get Reviews

Learn About SEO Icon Google uses reviews from around the web to determine a company’s reputation. Google is always looking to provide users with the best possible outcome. If a company has awesome reviews, they are providing a good service and deserve to be rewarded.

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