In order to determine how much search your industry has, use the Google Keyword Planner. Once you’re in the Google keyword planner tool, think of terms that you feel can help your business convert, check the volume for the terms you’re trying to rank for, if the targeted terms are local make sure to include your geographical area.

Ensure that you can provide a better result than what already exists in your market. Understanding  what users want and delivering is key. Search engines are programmed to display the best result, they test and analyze user behaviors as ranking factors.

Another method to keyword research is to analyze a competitor website. A nice tool for this is screaming frog, it is free to download and will show you what your competitors are optimizing their pages for.

Note: Copying anything on the web without crediting the source can easily result in a penalty or worse, we only suggest seeing what competitors are doing to gather ideas for your own keywords.