Google searches are designed to help serve user intent, if you search for something local or something national the results will change accordingly.

Most service type businesses that are searched for return localized results. Whether you’re invested in an internet marketing plan or not, understanding how people search in your industry can only help you improve business results.

For some businesses a Google Maps Marketing & local SEO plan is the best way to go, but for others it may have less value.

Google Maps Marketing


All SEO starts with keyword research. In order to evaluate the value, a local business must determine how many people search for their keywords and what results appear when they search. In most cases, a search for a service + location will return 3 Map results above the first organic result.  All restaurants, service type industries, hotels, car rental locations, storage units, hair salons, you name it! A Google Maps Marketing plan is most suitable. There’s one caveat here, having a location in the area you want to be listed is crucial.

Local SEO

Local SEO goes hand in hand with Google Maps Marketing, you’ll need a fully optimized, A/B tested website, that’s built to serve user intent, with a clean reputation on the web.

Depending on competitiveness, Local SEO can be expensive.   An alternative is to seek the help of a reputable SEO consultant, one who can take care of your project. The better consultants will guide you where to experiment and invest to achieve local success.

The Google 3 Pack

If a Google search that’s related to your business returns 3 map listings, you’ll need to invest time optimizing Google Map Marketing, this plan involves completely filling out your Google My Business information and ensure that it’s be consistently listed on trusted directory platforms.

How Does Google Present Local Searches?

 Google searches are split into three sections:

A. The Pay Per Click Section

Pay Per Click Section

B. The Organic Section (SEO)

Local SEO - Organic Section Of a Google Search

C. The Google Maps Section

Google Maps Listings Section

For some industries such as the restaurant business if you type “Pizza” Google will display the Google Carousel above all other results which are generated from the maps section:

How do people search for your business on Google?

Do they type “keyword” “city” or do they just type “keyword”, in any case Google can determine your location. Just try typing “Pizza” or “Dentist” and see how the results appear.

For many local businesses Local SEO is just not worth it, Good On Maps will evaluate your businesses potential in search and provide you with the best solution for free.

To determine if you are a good fit, do a search on Google for the service you offer and the location your business is in, for example “Car Wash Houston TX” or “Dentist Charlotte NC” etc. With the results that appear you can plan a localized marketing plan appropriate for your business.

 Good On Maps is here to help you learn about local SEO, if you want advice on a good strategy for your site, contact us.